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Lithofin KF Mildew-Away – for removing mould and mildew from cement and silicone grouting, etc., around ceramic & porcelain tiles.  This product works quickly and efficiently and with its preventive properties can inhibit further growth for some time. Ready to use in a spray bottle.

Lithofin Limescale-Away – dissolves calcium deposits on shower heads, fixtures kettles and coffee machines, etc. Concentrate, highly active, odourless.

Lithofin Stove & Ovenglass Cleaner – cleans glass surfaces in stoves and ovens, microwaves and similar fireproof surfaces. Quickly and effortlessly removes soot and burnt-in residues.

Lithofin MN Easy-Clean – for everyday cleaning of small stone surfaces such as kitchen worktops, table tops, bathroom vanity tops and wall tiles. Enhances the appearance of the stone and leaves a pleasant odour. Ready to use in a spray bottle.

Lithofin KF Conditioning Cleaner – for continuous care of ceramic and porcelain floors, subjected to normal levels of wear. Cleans and maintains rough and polished surfaces without leaving streaks, making them even more attractive. Concentrate (one squirt per 10L bucket of water), very high yield, mildly alkaline and does not form layers.

Lithofin Easy Care –  for everyday cleaning and care of natural stone floors, encaustic, concrete, quarry and ceramics.  Containing special cleaning agents that are highly active for an improved surface colour and appearance.  Easy to use concentrate (one squirt per 10L bucket of water) and leaves a pleasant odour.

Lithofin KF Ceramic Clean – for everyday maintenance cleaning in bathrooms, showers and kitchens.  A highly effective product for effortless cleaning.  Use diluted according to the instructions.

For the full range of Lithofin products and more information about usage, technical information and safety, please visit  or call the Technical Helpline on 01962 732126.