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Timberworks Europe supply and erect affordable, energy efficient, custom made buildings using sustainable/recycled materials. Their buildings are erected quickly in closed panels which reduces time on site.
Their factory have been manufacturing quality houses and timber framed buildings for 15 years in more than 26 countries worldwide.
Timberworks Europe are aware that whether you are building a 70 sq. m. lodge or a 2 storey 550 sq. m. school building none of the above will matter unless you have a reliable team. They have at their disposal the necessary architects, structural engineers, builders and expert carpenters to ensure a quality build. Each team is personable, reliable and carries integrity so that any issues can be resolved quickly and professionally.
They carry insurance backed guarantees on all of their products.
Timberworks Europe is committed to providing low maintenance buildings with low ongoing running costs and using sustainable, recycled materials wherever possible.

Herrieffs Farmhouse
North Newington
OX15 6AF