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The Economy Radiator Company is one of the UK’s leading electric radiator retailers.

Manufactured in Britain, each radiator is carefully inspected and uses high quality parts to ensure a reliable, versatile product.

All radiators are delivered with a 10 year guarantee and orders are shipped within 48 hours (week days).

What started off as a man-with-a-van-drill-screw driver and can-do attitude operation quickly gathered momentum as customers began to recognise that electric radiators could offer ‘central heating’ without the high costs, pipes and fuss – and word began to spread that The Economy Radiator Company’s electric radiators are the best on the market.
The Economy Radiator Company has since experienced enormous growth, doubling in size in the last year, employing more than 10 staff and turning over in excess of £4.5million per year.

Furthermore, whereas The Economy Radiator Company initially had to outsource the supply of the radiators to a trusted supplier in Europe, the radiators are now manufactured at The Economy Radiator Company’s own production facility.
The Economy Radiator Company prides itself on its honest and open approach, and is adamant that electric radiators represent the future of heating.

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