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Stonehouse Kitchens are a privately owned and family run business, situated on the edge of the Cotswolds in the hamlet of Stonehouse.

Their passion for design and high quality furniture has developed over three generations of manufacture to culminate in The Furniture Collection we present today. Stonehouse offers discerning clients the choice of popular modern and traditional designs, all with the integrity of a handmade product.

Everyone loves a beautiful kitchen, and most people appreciate and value the genuine craftsmanship which goes into producing high quality furniture. For such individuals we have over the years developed, The Collection.

A collection of kitchen and fitted furniture styles to suit modern and traditional tastes. Beyond the choice of style, it almost goes without saying that 'design' and 'quality' are going to rank most highly in your criteria.

We know that consistently delivering sensational design and reassuring quality demands close attention to your requirements for the space. Balancing all the factors including the choice of materials used and finishing details of your furniture to produce an overall effect which delights the eye.

Riverside House,
Bridgend Works,
GL10 2BA

01453 791 222