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Multiheat are a UK specialist supplier of infrared heating panels, since 2007, with a range of heaters for any home situation, white ceiling mounted heating panels, glass panels in a range of colours, mirror heaters, have your own bespoke picture image printed onto the surface, and elegant terrace heaters.

Infrared heaters are inspired by nature – infrared is the warmth we feel on our face on a bright sunny Spring day, infrared energy from the sun travels through air to convert to heat once it touches an object or person, modern technology allows us to replicate this feeling of warmth from a slim panel, warming people directly, and effectively warming the air from very little energy use. Low energy use means lower fuel bills.

Infrared heating is easy to install to one room or the whole house. Installation costs are far lower than other heating systems, and less disruptive, heaters can be installed by any good electrician and do not need any maintenance or servicing, again reducing your costs.

Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd
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Parkham Ash.
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