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Demax design and build the highest quality, and some of the most aesthetically pleasing staircases in the world. Founded in 1972, our experience is near unrivalled, from the largest commercial staircase to making an impact on important clients, to small and bespoke domestic stair cases in your home, Demax have it covered. Using advanced techniques and a skilled team of engineers, the stairs we are able to design and create have no equal. Floating stairs really do float, and glass can really be just glass.

The type of staircase you choose will come down to personal preference and of course, the situ within a building. Spiral, helical or straight, internal or external, Demax have a complete range of materials, styles and the necessary skilled craftsmen to create staircases entirely unique and bespoke to the customer. All designs and the creation of each of our staircases are completed in-house from our UK head office in Norfolk, although many are shipped around the world. No matter where each set of stairs is installed, each and every one is 100% British.

Demax offer the full service, managed in it’s entirety by our qualified project managers. From initial meetings and concepts, through the design stage and onto manufacture. Once completed, each and every one of Demax staircases is then delivered and installed to the agreed plan and timescales.

Demax, proud to be British, proud to be unique.

Eco Tech Innovation Park,
50 Turbine Way, Swaffham,
PE37 7XD

01760 721222