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Situated in the heart of the Devon countryside, Arada’s purpose built factory and Global Distribution Centre has been manufacturing and distributing high quality wood burning, multi fuel and boiler stoves for more than 30 years.

Handcrafted from start to finish with precision and attention to detail, Arada stoves are built with the British home in mind. At the forefront of British stove design, Arada have a focus on clean burning, low emissions and state-of-the-art technology.

Each Arada stove starts life in the hands of their craftsmen. Raw steel is crafted with precision. Exacting joins are welded at 1500°C. Sparks fly as surfaces are perfected. Your stove emerges, bearing all the hallmarks of being designs, engineered and built in Britain by people who take pride in a job well done.

Arada have freestanding designs that are just right in an inglenook fireplace. If you’re looking to fill an empty hearth, their inset stoves are sized to slot straight into a traditional British fireplace. Or go for modern minimalism with a cassette model.

With the authenticity that you would expect from a company rooted in rural Devon, Arada Stoves offer the perfect fusion of superior style and high performance.


Arada’s range of stoves and log stores are available in a range of 6 unique colours as well as the original Anthracite. Doors can be customised, you can pick and mix or you can match to your home décor- Sky Blue, Devon Cream, Pewter, Metallic Bronze, Shimmering Rose and Grey.


When you invest in an Arada, you’re investing in your future as every stove is built to last. Each stove has an industry leading guarantee, which lasts seven years for boiler stoves and a lifetime for all other models.

Arada Stoves are available from a wide range of stockists throughout the UK. To find your nearest retailer visit

Arada Ltd,
The Fireworks,
Weycroft Avenue,
EX13 5HU

0129 735 700