There is no type of bed so reassuringly sturdy and likely to create wow factor as one with a metal frame, and from elegant, curvy models popular in the Victorian era, to ornate, intricately cast designs, there’s a huge variety on offer.

Large bedroom

For a large boudoir, high head and foot boards will add to the grandeur – but do opt for a king-size model, which measures 5ft , to ensure there’s plenty of space for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Small bedrom

Smaller bedrooms are best complemented by a metal frame with a low end which will not encroach on the space. To create the ultimate focal point, opt for a four-poster bed frame with ornately cast posts; this type of bed can often be dressed with fabrics to soften the look.

Reclaimed metal

A reclaimed metal bed will add instant period charm, but bear in mind the fact that some antique models will be a non-standard size, meaning you’ll have to factor in the cost of having a bespoke mattress made.

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