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Most gardens have a theme, many have various themes – a contrasting style when you enter different garden rooms. But how do you achieve a specific ‘period look’ that evokes an age, era or artistic movement?

One of the most effective ways is to use stonework in a garden, a material that has been used in garden design for over a thousand years. Stone birdbaths, sundials, statuary, water features, finials and planters can all blend together to replicate a period of history or elicit a contemporary feel.

Cast Limestone Garden Ornaments

A British stone manufacturer will create the look and style you may only have in your mind’s eye, cast from limestone, their ornaments and architectural stonework have been used on many period restoration projects that demanded accurate reproductions and original designs.

Creating a Classical Style

Ancient Greece can be suggested with urns and vases from the Olympian and Athenian collection. Is there a better way to evoke those times than a bust of Aristotle or a statue of Andromeda? Step back into Ancient Rome with a Roman Jardiniere Stone Planter or you can watch the sun’s shadow traverse a Roman Sundial.

Creating a Romantic Style

Coming more up to date and closer to home, various periods of British history can be implied with the use of the Elizabethan, Tudor Vase, Regency ornaments. There are reproductions of artefacts from Britain’s best known homes and gardens that will add grandness to any formal garden.

The Shugborough Vase is a faithful reproduction of the original at the eponymous stately home in Staffordshire which looks superb when coupled with an Elizabethan Plinth, while the House of Dun Planter replicates one at the Georgian house in Scotland.

Creating a Gothic Style

Gothic is a style that has its origins in medieval Europe, following the collapse of the Roman Empire and was revived in the 1740s, providing a contrast to the prevailing classical forms. Iconic quatrefoil panels are to the fore in these designs. A Grotesque Gothic Wall Fountain would certainly be a talking point and there are many other ornaments including some featuring the traditional Green Man.

Creating a Renaissance Style

Glamour and excess can be introduced with, amongst other items, the Neapolitan Fountain, a large tiered water feature with shell bowls and pedestal supporting an ornate triple dolphin centrepiece. Absolutely appropriate would be the beautifully sculptured statues of the Four Seasons or a series of cherubic murals.

A Contemporary Style

The contemporary range of planters will fulfil all of the criteria of a modern garden, with stylish and intriguing designs.

The Meander planter is strikingly designed with a geometric band meandering around all four faces, The Puzzle design features interlocking pieces to create an engaging pattern while The Cube has bold crisply detailed geometric bands.

So there you have it. Whatever era you want to aspire to, precisely crafted ornaments, can be the cornerstones of any design.

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