Whether you live in a townhouse, or a traditional country farm, an injection of Scandinavian style might be exactly what you need to create the perfect feel in your home.

Scandinavian interiors are defined by their functionality, utility, simplicity and a high quality of craftsmanship. If you’re looking for this level of clean minimalism in your home, then take your cues from Nordic design.

Create a comfortable living space with this selection of interiors that take inspiration from Scandinavian schemes.

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1. Converted brewery home in the country

This expansive bedroom is made to feel even bigger with its simplistic decoration. The minimalist bed is low to the ground and the overall colour scheme is white and utilitarian.


Click here to take a look around this converted brewery in the country

2. Country hideaway in the forest

This Danish bedroom combines a simple colour palette and minimalist white flooring with elegant ornamentation. The bedding is simple and the distressed shutters add a touch of faded grandeur the room.


Click here to take a tour of this country hideaway in the forest

3. Country home with a sympathetic extension

This dining room is the ideal example of Scandinavian design. It is neutral with simple, rustic touches in the texture of the furniture.

4. Elegant French château restored

The kitchen in this beautiful home was specifically designed to emulate the functionality of Scandinavian design, paired with demure French elements. It is simple, filled with clean, concealed storage, and adds a contemporary contrast to the kitchen-diner.


Click here to take a look at this spectacular French home

5. Scandinavian weekend retreat

This Swedish holiday home exudes Scandinavian style. The white painted walls and pale wooden floorboards make the room bright, and the furniture is practical but characterful.

6. Colourful Victorian home

Nordic design comes in many guises, from rustic woodwork and soft furnishings, to the sleek lines of Mid-century furniture. This simple bench adds a dash of the modern Scandinavian trend to a practical boot room.

7. Coastal Scandinavian summerhouse

This Swedish dining room embodies Scandinavian design with its clean colours and practical furniture. The row of windows across the wall fill the already bright room with natural light.


Click here to take a look around this coastal Swedish summerhouse