3 Nov

Building work was grinding to a halt whilst waiting for the plans for the spreading plates to arrive, although a lot of cleaning of the loft does seem to have taken place over the last couple of days and the black dust has started to ease off. Our structural engineer brought the new plans round last night but when I showed them to the builders, it turned out that they’re not what was needed — AAARRGGHHH!

I was starting to panic a little bit, but the buildings regulations man from the council came round, spoke to our builders and sorted things out. Again he seems happy that our builders know what they’re doing. So, the spreading plates have now been ordered and have been picked up by the builders on their way home today. Hopefully things will get going again tomorrow.

6 Nov

One of the joys of living in our area has to be having to deal with parking permits. We’ve got our own residents’ permits and a visitor’s permit which is normally with the grandparents/official baby sitters but, when you have work done on your house, you have to sort out permits for the tradesmen. I hadn’t realised that you can get a three-monthly ‘tradesman’s permit’ so had gone and bought a load of scratch cards (extra day permits that you can get) but when you’ve got two or three vans coming daily, you start to run out of these quickly.

We’re lucky because a kind neighbour has lent us her visitors permit for the week but I’m now petrified that it could get lost. I know I can’t complain though as the permits do help stop us from having visitors to the high street taking our parking up and blocking the rear entrance to our house. Building works wise, the four spreading plates are now in and resting on their concrete bases. They’re now doing their job of supporting the steel floor joists.

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