The completion of yet another room, as we continue with the renovation of our house in Somerset, provides me with a great excuse to get out and about in search of some beautiful, unique pieces of art to display against the foil of the newly painted walls.

In this neck of the woods, Somerset Art Weeks offers the perfect opportunity to get inspired, and buy an original piece or two from venues supporting the fabulous work of our local artists. I was, therefore, absolutely delighted to find contemporary art and design gallery, Cavaliero Finn in this year’s Somerset Art Weeks guide. Already being an ardent fan of their taste in highly original and beautifully crafted pieces with, as they put it: “…a stand-alone aesthetic beauty that will stand the test of time,” I just had to pay them a visit.


Cavaliero Finn was founded in 2004 by Juliana Cavaliero and Debra Finn. With galleries in London and Somerset, they curate regular exhibitions and act as consultants, connecting clients with unique art works. The venue for their latest exhibition is the stunning Old Mill at Sea, which can be found buried deep in the Somerset countryside, just outside Ilminster. The gorgeous converted water mill is also the home of Debra Finn and provides a surprisingly spacious backdrop for an amazing show of works from Somerset artists and from some a little further afield.

With such a wonderful array of diverse styles and mediums, and with prices to suit every budget, I fell in love with many of the pieces on display. From an exhibition with so many highlights, here are just a few of my favourites:

Simon Ledson’s Somerset Unfolding 5 just took my breath away. So evocative of early morning on the Somerset Levels, this large (154 x 91cm) oil painting on linen captures the landscape at ‘nautical dawn’, when the sun is still 12 degrees below the horizon. Simply stunning.

Cavaliero Finn has been working with Somerset artist Angela Charles since 2008 and it’s not difficult to see why. Her striking abstract landscapes combine accents of vibrant colour with muted tones to produce captivating pieces that stop you in your tracks.


Immediately falling for the work of Sandra James took me a little by surprise. Through a variety of materials including sharp sand, plaster and glossy enamel paint, these abstract forms breathe life into the phrase ‘taking the rough with the smooth’, as Sandra invites us to explore the vulnerability of relationships. Wonderfully tactile and inevitably abrasive all at once, Sandra’s work is the epitome of Cavaliero Finn’s love of ‘stand-alone aesthetic beauty’ and an absolute delight to see and touch.

This really is an outstanding exhibition, featuring ceramics, furniture, paintings, textiles and sculpture, so make time to drop in if you can; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Somerset Art Weeks: event details

The exhibition runs until 16th October (11am-6pm weekends and 10am-3pm weekdays). Simon Ledson will be visiting the show on Sunday, 11th October between 12-1pm and will be on hand to chat about his work.

Location: The Old Mill (Somerset Art Weeks venue 15), Bere Mills, Sea, Ilminster, Somerset TA19 0SE.

For more information about the show, visit or call 07941 200 300.

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