We live in an end terraced cottage built c 1650. We wish to sound proof 2 walls – sitting room and bedroom which both adjoin our neighbour. We don’t expect to hear no sounds whatsoever but which to deaden the sounds we do hear i.e. TV. Any suggestions warmly welcomed

  • Gill Bladen

    We had a similar problem.
    Depends on the finish you want but we have used two methods.
    In the kitchen we have used tongue and groove panelling mounted on 3/4" battens, over the battens and behind the panelling we have insulated with a fire retardant carbon zero insulation made from recycled bottles. It's very effective.
    In the bedroom we have done the same, but with plasterboard rather than panelling, this has meant that we have covered some of the old lime plaster on these two walls, but frankly the noise reduction has been worth it

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