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For devoted pet owners, their furry friends are adored members of the family who bring many happy memories to the household.

While welcoming a new dog or cat into your home is a highly rewarding experience, your home may sometimes become a little messy if not managed correctly.

Petplan reviews how to keep your pet-friendly home looking and smelling fresh.

Keeping your house clean with pets

  • Manage dog and cat hair

One of the constant issues pet parents face is animal hair – on furniture, floors and clothing. Brushing your pet regularly will help dwindle the problem of unruly hair.

Placing a towel or sheet where your cat or dog enjoys sleeping will also help corral the hair.

  • Keep your pet clean

It’s a good idea to set up a pet grooming routine. This may sound obvious, but the dirt that is removed through grooming is dirt not lying around your home. Some dog breeds may also require trimming or de-shedding.

Besides making your pet look pretty, serious side effects like skin conditions, eye and ear infections and flea issues occur when we neglect to groom our pets. By grooming your pet on a regular basis, you can reduce the chance of infection and avoid expensive vet bills.

  • Upgrade your sofa

If you can’t resist pushing your dog or cat off the sofa, you may want to change your current couch. Pet fur will stick to certain sofa materials as well as hold odours and show up the faintest stain.

Try to look for a leather or tightly woven sofa, or for a more cost effective solution, add a pet friendly throw which can be washed when needs be.

  • Clean your pet’s belongings

Just like we need to wash our own sheets and clothing, your pet’s things need regular cleaning too. Pet beds and toys can pick up strong odours, especially with dogs.

  1. Air your house

To avoid persistent pet smells, open your windows and let some fresh air in. Even on colder days, a 10 minute breeze of fresh air will help rid your home of odours.

Decorating your home for life with pets

There are many different ways to keep your home both fashionable and pet-friendly.

When decorating your home for life with pets, you need to work with materials that are sturdy and easy to clean:

  • Bare floorswood, tile or stone work better than wall-to-wall carpeting, which traps pet hair, stains and odours.
  • The “bare window” look – not only is this in fashion, but also prevents collecting dust and pet hair like curtains.
  • Couch slipcovers – an ideal design choice for pet owners, these make changing the couch easy and are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns in washable fabrics.
  • Pet beds – if you prefer to get your pet their own sofa-bed, there are some great looking patterns and fabrics that can coordinate with your home décor.

Pets can bring so much joy to your home, and most pet owners will agree that these measures are well worth the unconditional affection they receive in return.

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