I’m looking to replace the guttering on my Victorian home with a sympathetic alternative, but my neighbour suggests I repair it. What is the best option?

  • Kathleen Spriggs-bush

    Emma Page from The Victorian Emporium, says: Firstly, you may be able to repair what is already there, as cast iron is very durable. All you need to do is remove the guttering and sand off any loose paint and rust. Examine it for damage and source any replacement pieces to match the existing guttering. Then repaint it in a Victorian colour, such
    as black or dark green, with a specialist paint. Finish with putty or silicone seal.

    If the guttering is beyond repair for any reason, you can replace the whole lot with similar cast-iron versions. Cast iron is the authentic choice for Victorian houses and will last for centuries if well maintained. Cast-iron guttering can be expensive to purchase but it will add value to your house and is more robust and attractive than uPVC alternatives.

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