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Polished concrete, engineered timber, luxury vinyl, tiles – your choice of flooring can make a real difference to the overall look and feel of your interior design. The good news is that all of these popular floor coverings work well with warm water underfloor heating (UFH). By designing your system according to your choice of flooring, your UFH supplier will help you enjoy warmth and comfort as well as style.

Does it matter what floor covering I choose?
Almost any floor covering can work well with UFH. Each floor covering will provide a different level of thermal conductivity, making it easier or harder for your UFH to meet the desired floor surface temperature.

Hard flooring such as polished concrete and ceramic tiles are the most thermally conductive, allowing heat from the UFH to transfer to the surface of the floor quickly. Carpet is generally the least conductive, but a carpeted room can still be effectively heated by a well-designed UFH system.

Can I pair sensitive floor coverings with UFH?
Yes! Even floor coverings that are sensitive to high temperatures, such as luxury vinyl and lino, can be safely and effectively paired with UFH. A floor temperature sensor can be fitted which limits the heat output from the floor to protect the floor coverings, whilst still ensuring that the desired room temperature is met.

Nu-Heat can offer advice on pairing UFH with your chosen floor covering, and will design your UFH system to provide a consistent, controllable heat.

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