With the festive season upon us, it is time to adorn our homes with our favourite decorations. Why not add to your decoration collection this year with a beautiful, unique ornament made by your own fair hands?

In the step-by-steps below watch and learn how to make a button bauble, a beautiful Christmas wreath to hang on your front door, a mini Christmas tree out of ribbons, and a topiary tree.

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Button bauble Christmas decoration

See how to make a stylish and festive bauble that will look great hanging on your Christmas tree or around the home. We used old buttons in this craft which takes just minutes.

Christmas wreath

You can use any seasonal foliage for your wreath. Add colour with berries and oranges, and texture with a few pine cones.

You will need

  • Sphagnum moss (available from garden centres)
  • Eucalyptus cinerea
  • Skimmia japonica
  • Crab apples
  • Rosemary
  • Dried orange slices
  • 10 inch wire wreath frame (available from craft shops and amazon.co.uk)
  • Mossing wire


  1. Bind generous handfuls of moss on to the wire wreath frame with missing wire. To do this, fasten one end of the reel of the wire to the ring and wrap around the moss in a circular fashion, keeping it taut, and adding handfuls of moss until well covered.wrapping moss around a wreath frame
  2. Add seasonal foliage (Georgia used Eucalyptus cinerea and Skimmia japonica, but you can use holly or other greenery), by pushing the ends deep into the moss base, working to roughly a 45 degree angle. Use a variety of materials to create an interesting and textured wreath; Georgia added crap apples for colour and rosemary for scent and texture.putting foliage in Christmas wreath
  3. Insert additional items, such as orange slices or pine cones on a wire. Before adding the oranges, bundle them together into threes with wire.putting dried oranges on to a wreath
  4. Finish off the wreath with a generous bow. To make this, first tie the ribbon and then affix with wire.making a Christmas wreath

Ribbon tree Christmas decoration

This Christmas decoration can be made with bits and pieces that you probably have lying around. Pop it on a shelf, mantlepiece or window sill — you could even make your own ribbon tree forest.

Festive topiary tree

Georgia Miles, owner of The Sussex Flower School, teaches the art of floristry from her village studio. Here, she shares the process of one of her favourite seasonal makes, exclusive to Periodliving.co.uk. Pick up a copy of the December issue for her guide to making a wreath and stunning table centrepiece

You will need

  • Skimmia japonica
  • Viburnum tinus berries
  • Safi roses
  • Oasis ball
  • Pretty plant pot
  • ‘Trunk’ (prepare from branch)
  • Set fast post mix
  • Battery operated fairy lights
  • Floral tape
  • Ribbon


  1. Prepare your pot by setting your branch in the pot with fast set post mix. Attach wet oasis ball to the top of your trunk using floral tape.topiary tree model
  2. Snip foliage to desired length; Georgia used skimmia japonica, but you can use other seasonal greenery. Add foliage to ball in a ‘Mohican’ shape until you have a generous, but not crowded base.Topiary tree step 2
  3. Cut rose stems to size and insert into base. You want an even spread, but don’t use too many.Topiary tree step 3
  4. Add seasonal berries. Georgia used viburnum tinus berries to add contrast to the roses.Topiary tree step 4
  5. Finish by securing a ribbon right at the top of the trunk. Trim ends with points.Topiary tree step 5
  6. For evening use, discreetly wrap around battery-operated fairy lights.Topiary tree finished