Get creative with paper, and design a unique bird box using your favourite pictures and prints.

Follow this step-by-step guide to make your own and place it in a sheltered spot outside, or indoors as a decorative feature.

You will need

  • Plain bird box – this must have a smooth finish for decoupage. The box featured here is available at Homecrafts (
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Craft papers, magazine pictures, stickers etc
  • Scissors
  • Decoupage adhesive or PVA glue
  • Pretty trimmings
  • Waterproof varnish
Step 1 1 Choose a selection of papers with which to cover the box. We covered one with pictures of flowers cut out from old copies of Period Living and gardening magazines (if you can’t find enough images in magazines, buy a flower book from a charity shop), and another using a simple polka dot wrapping paper and a selection of travel stickers. You can use decoupage glue, or slightly diluted PVA (around one part water to three parts glue).
2 Cut out your paper pieces and roughly work out where they will sit on the box – placing the nicest images in the most prominent positions. The flowers we used were slightly tricky to cut out due to the petal shapes, but do take your time as jagged edges will ruin the final eff ect. The point of decoupage in this style is to layer the pictures, so have plenty to cover the box. Step 2
Step 3 3 Using a small, soft paintbrush, apply glue to the back of your first piece. You’ll need a good coverage of glue, but don’t apply too much or it will leak out at the sides. Stick the piece to the box, then dab a clean, dry paintbrush over the surface to ensure it is properly sealed down, before moving on to the next. Keep a damp cloth at hand to wipe any glue off the paper and to keep your hands clean.
4 Using a glue gun, apply pom poms, ribbon or other trimmings, for indoor use. Alternatively, you can make the box suitable for garden use, in a sheltered area, by applying two coats of outdoor varnish over the paper and allowing it to harden for several days. Step 4