Paul from our Facebook community has shared his dilemma with us. Are you having a similar problem and can you help him with a solution?

Paul says: ‘Happy new year to you all, this morning i have lifted one of the flagstones in the front room of my cottage, the flags are damp in places, and dry out in patches, then become quite damp again, there has been a visqueen layed over the flags and a carpet on top of that, a year ago i removed the visqueen and the carpet and exposed the flags, well a year has now passed and the floor is still randomly damp, so this morning i lifted a small flag to see what they are layed on, there is a sandy screed about an inch deep then compacted lime/sand, what can do i need to do to stop the flags being damp, the legs of the furniture and anything else thats in contact with the flag floor is going mouldy, (sorry to go on) any advice would be very welcome’

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