Period homes can fall prey to damp due to aged guttering and rainwater management systems, but regular checks and repair will keep your home dry. Here are the warning signs to help you find damp in your home.

  • A build up of water at the base of walls due to blocked or insufficient drainage
  • Stains, discolouration or moss on walls and plant growth in and around rainwater goods
  • Cracks and subsidence
  • Blockages that might cause water to spill from gutters and the tops of pipes or, if trapped, to freeze, causing cracks and splits in the metalwork
  • Loose, sagging or disconnected downpipes or gutters
  • Evidence of rust, cracks or distortion
  • Missing bolts or fittings and rotten fascia boards
  • Overflowing drains or inspection chambers

In the gallery (left-right): Plant growth and debris must be cleared from gutters to keep them effective; A broken downpipe, as seen here, is likely to result in a damp wall, and might be misinterpreted as ‘rising damp’ in the house.