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Albion Bath Company

Albion's products are manufactured entirely by hand using a special mixture of ground stone and an advanced resin. This formulation provides a strong, hard and durable bath. The benefits are as follows:

  • Supreme strength and rigidity.
  • Hard and durable interior white finish. As Albion do not use Acrylic as an interior surface, Albion Baths retain an 'enamel-like' finish akin to original cast iron baths. Who wants their bath to look like plastic anyway!
  • Minimal heat loss. Albion's material will retain the warmth of your bath water. No topping up from the hot-tap as you would need with a cast iron bath.
  • Albion Baths are polished by hand and finished with a special polymer wax to retain a high gloss, easy to clean surface.
  • Albion Baths can be cleaned with all modern liquid cleaners.   

After exhaustive research, Albion designed a range of complimentary taps and showers to enhance any bathroom. Albion Taps and Showers are constructed exclusively with brass. This ensures long lasting performance with reliability.
Available in Hard Chrome or Bright Nickel applied onto polished brass these finishes are hard wearing and easy to keep in pristine condition. Albion taps and showers are designed to work with high and low water pressures whilst delivering generous water flow.

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